Now Everybody Can Stream Xbox One Games To Windows 10

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With only a week and change to go before the July 29 official release of Windows 10, Microsoft has gone ahead and enabled the ability to stream games from the Xbox One to Windows 10 devices.

With the feature emerging from preview into the hands of the masses, all one needs to remote play Xbox One games is a PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 10 and a reliable network connection. Sadly I have no Windows 10 devices on hand to test the feature, but from what I’ve read surrounding early testing and the laws of common sense, the game sharing feature will run nicely with both devices wired to the internet, and okay with a side of lag once wireless is introduced to the equation.

Xbox Wire has the details on how to make a love connection between your game console and computer, along with details on the changes is the July update to Windows’ Xbox app to make gaming remotely and directly easier.


Is this a feature you see yourselves using? I’m picturing myself setting this up on launch day, playing with it for a couple of minutes and then going right back to the way I’ve always done things. How about you?

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Streaming from my PC to my Xbone makes sense. Streaming my Xbone to my 1440p monitor... not so much.