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Now Even Goat Simulator Is A Zombie Game

In its unstoppable ascent to the upper echelons of the video game industry, weird-as-fuck indie game Goat Simulator is taking aim at the fiercest, most ubiquitous competition of all: zombie games. Watch out, Dying Light!

The game about being a goat is releasing a $5 expansion this week called GoatZ that adds zombies into its already chaotic mixture. GoatZ is a reference to the much-hyped, always-in-development open-world zombie game DayZ. It also sounds suspiciously similar to goatse, which is a once-famous internet meme that depicts a man bending over and using both his hands to stretch his anus beyond what is normally thought to be a healthy or reasonable distance. I’m not going to link to that legendary image here, but you should google it if you’re curious.

GoatZ has a very different kind of gore, as you can see in this silly trailer:

The expansion—out May 7th—promises everything a fan of modern zombies games could ask for. Heavy weaponry!


Poorly animated zombies!


It’s even got a crafting system.


Ok, so GoatZ doesn’t look very good. I suppose that’s the whole point Coffee Stain Studios is getting at with this parody—that most, if not all, zombie games are actually bug-riddled messes. But I appreciate Goat Simulator all the more for the way it’s becoming a tool to lampoon the mockable aspects of modern video games.

GoatZ will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Thursday, May 7th.

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