Nothing Says Rescued Chilean Miners Like Mr. Driller

After 69 days of being trapped over 2,000 feet underground, the thirty-three Chilean miners have been rescued. Namco Bandai is marking the historic occasion with, yes, Mr. Driller.

Mr. Driller, which is an updated version of classic Dig Dug, first debuted in Japanese arcades in 1999 and has starred in a handful of games. The game's hero, Susumu Hori, is the son of Dig Dug's Taizo Hori.


The Mr. Driller image features the Chilean flag and the message "Bienvenido de nuevo!" (Welcome back!). Can't decide if this image is totally appropriate or totally inappropriate, but whatever, welcome back miners!

【限定壁紙】チリ落盤事故の救出記念壁紙を�... on Twitpic [Twitpic via オレ的ゲーム情報]

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