Who needs an actual game to generate buzz? Certainly not Postal developers Running With Scissors, celebrating Valentine's Day with an adorable plush scrotum named Krotchy.

Every once in a while we half-heartedly wonder when Postal III is going to come out. We haven't seen much of the game, and Running With Scissors is supposed to have it out sometime this year. After a bit of wondering we go back to doing whatever more productive thing we were doing before that, forgetting all about the game, until they send us a press release like this.


"Not to put too fine a point on it," explained RWS Proctologist Vince Desi, "but Krotchy is a plush, anthropomorphic scrotum. He was originally created for POSTAL 2 and was intended as a spoof of seasonal 'must have' toys like Tickle Me Elmo. But the thing about our fans is that they fetishize every possible aspect of our games. Krotchy had cajones – hell, he WAS cajones – so of course the gamers loved him and wanted one of their own."

I can guarantee you that there is almost no situation in which this would be a good Valentine's Day gift. I say almost, because hey, I've seen stranger things than a man or woman that really enjoys getting 8 inch tall plush ball sacks as testaments of love.


You can buy them at the Running With Scissors store right now for $10. Why? Who knows. Besides, they've been out since November. If you haven't bought one by now...

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