Nothing Says Halloween Like "Sexy" Video Game Costumes

Correct me if I'm wrong, Americans, but I've long been under the impression Halloween is mostly a thing for kids. Unless you've got, like, some themed college party to go to and....oh. OK, now I see where these come in.

Yandy has released this insane series of adult "Gamer Costumes" based on famous characters, each of them named to avoid a lawsuit but styled so as to appear...well, I think the idea was "sexy", but the end result is "hilarious/slightly horrifying".


I mean, the Link and Mario oufits, I can see a place for those. Somewhere. But the only place those Sonic (actual name: "Blue Furry"), Yoshi ("Green Dinosaur") and Angry Birds ("Red Bird") costumes are being seen is the furry section of DeviantArt, which I don't think is quite what Yandy had in mind.

Gamer Costumes [Yandy]

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