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Nothing Says Charity Auction Like Mai Shiranui

Illustration for article titled Nothing Says Charity Auction Like Mai Shiranui

Will the Mai Shiranui statues ever stop? No, no they won't. This figurine adds to the deluge, but all for a good cause.

At the Volks Osaka hobby showroom has a Mai Shiranui from SNK's The King of Fighters. She'll be up on the Volks charity auction block. The proceeds will go to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Never have plastic boobs done such good. Well, maybe not never. More NSFW pics in the link below.


チャリティーオークション出品予定作品 ボークス・絶対領域 不知火舞の緊急お披露目会 [Ota Road]

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I imagine it's just precautionary, but I'm not really seeing what's so NSFW about a plastic statue revealing about as much as the average bikini in that link. Granted my screen here at work is set up in a way where it's not easy for anyone to catch a glimpse, though I suppose if they did I'd have to explain things...

Oh, well anyhow, on topic... Does anyone have a list of the complete Mai figure releases? It'd be interesting to see how many there are, especially when compared to other characters in the series. She seems to be a popular subject, moreso than I think any other in the KOF game.