Notebook Dump: The Lack Of Zelda

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There comes a time in the week to reflect on what got into my reporter's notebook but didn't turn into Kotaku blog posts. Shall we?


I pretty much got to everything I wanted to this week, though we've entered the time of the year when it's less a matter of reporting not getting done but games not being played. I've got Half Minute Hero in my PSP for review and have been sneaking some time in with Uncharted 2 before putting it and any other game I'm not assigned to review to the side.

There were just one thing that got left in my notebook this weekt:

No Zelda: I was able to write a few posts about New Super Mario Bros. Wii thanks to Nintendo demonstrating the game in New York on Monday. I had anticipated writing some posts about The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks as well, because I was sure that the E3 build Nintendo had shown in June in L.A., later that month in New York, then in September in Seattle, would be no more. The game is two months away, so time for a new build to try, right? Not yet. The special E3 demo is all Nintendo will show for now, keeping this highly-anticipated game still something of a mystery as its December release approaches. It's a little odd that Nintendo wouldn't have anything new, but I see it less as a sign that gamers should be concerned than that Nintendo is keeping this one close. (These Spirit Tracks impressions are the freshest we have for you.)

That's it, really. I had a day off and was preoccupied by some non-post-related stuff (apartment drama!) that kept me from filling my notebook with much else. I advanced reporting on some pieces I hope to have until next week, but until then, a lack of Zelda is all I've got for you.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


I never got into the Zelda games myself, but if a big player like Nintendo isn't doing much to promote a game that belongs to one of their flagship titles, that has to ring some alarm bells for you guys.

Let's ignore the title of this game for a moment and ask yourself this: When has a stealth release of a game from a big publisher went right?