Not every game at this year’s GDC is a VR game! Here’s five minutes of Kingdom running on an Xbox One. This side-scrolling strategy game has a great look, as our Nathan Grayson explained last fall. Here, I’m playing a newer build at a showcase for indies coming to Xbox One. Kingdom is slated for a summer Xbox One release.


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Yes, people buy this game!

Let me tell you my story about this game.... Kingdom was a free experiment browser game not long ago. You can still play it for free in the original studio website, should give a pretty good idea of what the Steam version is:…

Very smart minimalistic tower defense like game.

Then, the Studio, Noio, decided to take it up a notch, make it a full game with updated graphics and such, taking it to Kickstarter.

I backed it up immediately because I liked the concept, and wanted to see it happening - I don’t know anyone in the studio, never heard of it before, but the game was plenty cheap and as I said, I liked the concept.

I think it was the last Kickstarter project I tried backing up because well... things aren’t exactly sound for me financially wise. :P

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter failed to reach it’s goal. Like many Kickstarters that failed, Noio also promised they’ll keep trying to find a way to make the game come true.

Fast fowards several months, without any warning I get a lovely e-mail from them saying something like: “Hey guys, we managed to finish the game, it’s getting released on Steam and several other platforms (it’s also on GoG, Humble Bundle, Nuuvem, Green Man Gaming, works on all platforms - OSx and Linux, and is now getting to XBox One), here’s a key for supporting us from start”.

I don’t directly recommend games much like this because well... it’s a matter of taste really. But I feel obliged to encourage people to at least try this one and buy it if you like what you see. If for nothing else, because I really love the studio attitude and wish to see them keep going strong. xD