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Not Enough Wii Fits To Go Around, Says Reggie

Illustration for article titled Not Enough Wii Fits To Go Around, Says Reggie

Not that this will concern any/many of you, but hey, you might have some Christmas shopping to do for that special bored housewife in your life. According to Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo are going to struggle to put copies of Wii Fit on the shelf in time for Christmas.

With Wii hardware, I think we've got a good shot at meeting demand during the holidays. With 'Wii Fit,' I know we'll fall short. That's a product we have consumers lining up for each morning outside of our Nintendo World store [in New York City].


Wait, so people can get off their ass and line up in the cold for a copy of a video game, but they can't get off their ass and do their own exercise? What an amazing world we live in. Nintendo's Community Roots [Forbes]

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SO freaking glad I don't work in games retail anymore. If I had to deal with another holiday season of shoveling terrible Wii software and peripherals down eager morons' throats while quality games like No More Heroes fall by the wayside, I'd probably stab someone in the face.