To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Note Mania! Many thanks for the book pimpage! Most appreciated. Took a break this afternoon and folded paper with the kid. Like that's his favorite thing — origami. It's reminds me of a joke on a Simpsons Christmas episode: Homer has no money and goes shopping for presents, putting a ream of paper in the shopping basket and saying, "Ah, paper. Bart can think of a million things to do with that." We folded Pokémon today from a book of Pokémon origami. And man, I stink at folding paper. Do not have the patience for it or something. After Mini-Bash folded stuff, he then covered the origami with tape. "So it won't break," he explained. Oh, okay. That makes sense What you missed last night Miyamoto's Hope For the Future You Won't Find Much Warren Ellis In Dead Space Yes, Yes, Star Ocean 4 & The Last Remnant Are Playable Crysis-Branded PC: Full Specs, Comes Bundled With XP Pro Could LittleBigPlanet Have Been Made On 360? Not Really Shades Of Bungie In Ensemble Closure Super Papercraft Mario: The Hat! Microsoft Passed On Genji Dev's Other Xbox 360 Exclusive GameSpot's Kane & Lynch Review Hit The Dev Team "Like A Hammer" Left 4 Dead Demo Coming For Xbox & PC