Unsurprising given its success, Minecraft has, let's say, inspired a whole range of new games. Some, like Terraria, have been pretty good. Others, like the endless sea of shameless clones, have been terribly unimaginative. At first glance PlanetsÂł sounds like the latter.

It's got voxels. It's open-world. Most things are cubes. It mentions "creativity". There is crafting. The developers love Minecraft, and they're wearing that inspiration on their sleeve.


But then you notice a few things about PlanetsÂł. For one, it's unusually polished, with a fantastic polygonal art style going on. Then you see that it's got a nice sci-fi slant that's more in line with Starbound than Minecraft; your game takes place in a galaxy, not just one planet, and after a while you can build a ship and travel between planets, each one built entirely out of blocks and lying there for you to explore.

It's also got a story. Dungeons. Bosses. And instead of having to trudge through a wiki to learn how to craft stuff, PlanetsÂł has in-game characters you encounter who will actually teach you new skills.

Oh, and the crafting system lets you build real, moving, proper vehicles. So yes, while it's doing a lot of the things Minecraft did, it's also doing a lot of new things (or just the same things, only with the potential to do them better).


PlanetsÂł is currently up on Kickstarter. Check out more info below.

PlanetsÂł [Kickstarter]