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North Korean Propaganda Website Hacked, Apparently by Anonymous

We may earn a commission from links on this page., the North Korean propaganda site, was hacked, it seems. As of posting, it is impossible to access the site. It's gone dark.

What's more, Uriminzokkiri's Twitter currently appears compromised and is tweeting, "Hacked" and "Tango Down" for various other North Korean propaganda sites—as noted by website North Korea Tech. Uriminzokkiri's Flickr page is now filled with images, including the one above, that seem to indicate others are in control.


The Uriminzokkiri Flickr page also has an image that reads "We Are Anonymous" as well as images depicting the iconic Guy Fawkes mask.


As also noted by website North Korea Tech, the hack was carried out hours after a list of 9,000 registered Uriminzokkiri users was posted online. The list, North Korea Tech adds, contained not only user names, but also their real names, email addresses, dates of birth, and hashed passwords.

Thus, North Korea Tech concludes, if the leaked info, which seemed to include the site's administrator, was correct, then it would be possible for others to enter and control Uriminzokkiri. That is exactly what seems to be going down.

Uriminzokkiri is based in China, but acts as a Pyongyang mouthpiece. It gained internet notoriety earlier this year after using Call of Duty graphics and The Elder Scrolls music without permission in North Korean propaganda clips. It's also home to many crude and crappy flash games.


Uriminzokkiri's YouTube page, which was hacked in 2011, seems untouched by this latest incident. That is, for now.


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