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North Korea Has a Tractor Simulator. It'll Plough the Fields of Your Mind.

Illustration for article titled North Korea Has a Tractor Simulator. Itll Plough the Fields of Your Mind.
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The wizards in North Korea created this: a computerized simulator that teaches students how to drive a tractor.


It may not be pretty (it's certainly not), but goodness, doesn't it look amazing?

This photo was taken at the Samjiyon Schoolchildren's Palace in Samjiyon, North Korea. It's an institution that specializes in after school programs for not only arts, sciences, and sports, but also for computer and vocational training.


North Korea's Magnificent Machines [MSNBC via BuzzFeed via I Heart Chaos]

(Top photo: David Guttenfelder | AP)

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Looks like a Snazzledy Drazzle that zorps and plorps for the glory of the great nation!