Nope, No World In Conflict For Consoles

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Massive Entertainment's World In Conflict is great. Provided you've got a PC, that is, because despite original announcements to the contrary, the series is not coming to consoles.

Yes, we know, the original plan was for World In Conflict: Soviet Assault to be released on PC, 360 and PS3 later this month. But new owners Ubisoft - who took over when previous publishers Sierra went belly-up - have decided that a PC version will have to do, confirming what we already expected with "World of Conflict: Soviet Assault will be released for the PC later this month. A console version of World in Conflict is not planned for release at this time".


That last line leaves hope for the future, but really, being an RTS on a console from a publisher that already has an RTS series on console, we'd advise against holding your breath.

World in Conflict Console Hopes Snuffed [IGN]

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Maybe the console version was delayed? Who knows, who cares. The PC is the RTS platform anyway, and nothing's going to change that.