Video game technology has made some amazing advancements over the last few years. Those advancements have given us exhilarating action, fantastical new worlds, and also the smiling Asari who appeared for approximately two seconds during EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda hype reel.

I mean, look at her.


She sees you. She knows you. Like, really knows you. She knows every bad thing you’ve done, and she forgives you for all of it. She loves you anyway.

Of course, her happiness is fleeting.

We should’ve known that kind of joy could never last. This life is cruel. Eventually, someone will point a weird knife thing at your head and ruin everything.

All most of us can do is hope that we will experience a moment one tenth as peaceful as The Smiling Asari From The Ultimately Sort Of Disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda Hype Reel. That hope will see us through.

Kotaku Editor-at-Large

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