None More Black

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Did you successfully manage to avoid being trampled today by the Black Friday shopping masses? Are you nowhere near the events of Black Friday madness? If you want to vent about these subjects or any other, this is the place.


I'm limiting my Black Friday shopping to clothing. I really don't need any more video games or electronics right now. So I've been browsing deals on winter wear and t-shirts during my down time on this Black Friday. Care to share some of the non-video game deals you've been savoring in this off-topic post?

If not, just have a good weekend while we talk shopping.



I just had my second surgery and third operation in a month(hopefully the last); so, I unfortunately couldn't go out and buy anything on Black Friday. Hospital orders to not "operate any motor vehicle or lift anything over 10 pounds" really cramp your ability to go shopping...

Though, a friend of mine did get to Target and bought Dragon Quest IX for $17! That's just wild.

And then I got de-starred on io9 a few days ago because I made some crazy nonsense comments while I was on my pain meds after the surgery... So, that was unfortunate. Good thing I didn't make any silly comments on Kotaku...

Hope everyone else had more success this week!