Non-Gamer Simplifies Xbox One Debacle For People Who Don’t Care

“Look. I’m not a gamer. Are you guys gamers?” isn't usually how you want to start a story about video games. But that’s how FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti started her report on the Xbox One DRM debacle.


“Well it's Microsoft vs. just think the teenage boy gamer, and the teenage boy gamer won”, Simonetti said to a few anchors who couldn't even pretend to care.

Although she did strip out and simplify major details of what actually went down, she did a decent job bottom-lining it for people that really have basically no interest in video games. The real gold, however, comes at the 49 second mark when one anchor reacts to one of the biggest stories in gaming history like this:

“Hrm. Alright wait. OK. Huh? Alright. No. Yeah? Yeah. Ok.”

Oh apathetic Fox 5 anchor, you have no idea how right you are.

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Have you GUYS noticed that "NORMAL" people all are starting to feel REALLY insecure talking about games.... you can tell - they KNOW they are clueless and they don't like that games are so popular, because they're not part of it. They don't like it not one bit. They're very uncomfortable talking about it. Because someone loves something that isn't THEM.