No Tooth. Waiting. Patiently

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Bring On The Price Drop Wars


One of Mini-Bash's tooth fell out at least a month ago. One of his front teeth. His adult tooth has yet to come in. It's been a month!

Always wonder if some people ever lose baby teeth and then another adult tooth never ever comes in. Guess I'll find out!


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That doesn't happen most of the time. I'm missing one adult tooth, it was never developed. What happened is that the baby tooth stayed there firmly, with nothing to push it out, until it started breaking in half. It was consolidated with a metal cap. Eventually it was taken out and I had to wear braces to pull the rest of the teeth in place to fill the hole.

There you have it.

Baby teeth don't fall unless something pushes them out.