No, This Isn’t a Long-Lost Game Boy Game

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Gun boots. They're footwear that shoot bullets or lasers when you jump. Interested? I thought you'd be. Let's take a look at Downwell.


Jumping and shooting are some of the oldest, most basic actions in video games. Nailing the timing and aiming of a tricky jump or a difficult shot are amongst the most satisfying feelings you can get in certain video games. The best thing about Downwell is how it ties them together in a unique way.

It's not just the retro visuals and features that make Downwell look like an obscure, misplaced game from the back-catalogue of Nintendo's first handheld. It's also the simplicity and immediacy of the controls. Just one button for shooting and jumping, which is sort of the same thing in this game. There is strategy involved, though, as you'll need to keep a streak of gem-collecting for extra damage boost. You can see that mechanic and more in the video above, where I take Downwell for a spin. Downwell will be out later this year for PC and mobile platforms.


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Am I the only one getting a little tired of all the nouveau-retro games? The novelty has worn off and now it just comes off as trying way too hard. That's just one cynical bastard's opinion though.