No Star Fox? Nintendo, You Have A Volunteer

There has not been a new Star Fox game, recently. The sci-fi adventure series debuted in 1993 and saw a Nintendo DS title in 2006. It's now 2010, and where's a new Star Fox game?

When game site GamesTM told series creator Shigeru Miyamoto that it would like to see a new Star Fox game, the famed game designer replied, "Me too". That's nice and all, but....


Where's our new Star Fox? Platinum Games game developer Hideki Kamiya, best known for designing action game Bayonetta and Wii title Okami, seems to have been wondering the same thing when he tweeted this, tongue planted firmly in cheek:

"I want someone from Nintendo to come to Platinum, point a gun and say, "You people make the the new Star Fox game."

We would like that, too. Very much so. Nintendo, your move. Your guy, your gun.

Hideki Kamiya [Twitter]


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