No, Smite. Just No.

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Coming to Smite with the season four update, Such Cold Skadi is a premium skin that is bad and everyone who made it should feel bad.


Before you say anything, watch this.

A couple of years ago I wrote about how much I loved some of the silly skins that the Smite folks come up with. Nevermind.


Let’s hear from some of the folks responding to the Twitter post featuring the skin video.

  • “I’m speechless someone needs to be fired for this”
  • “I take back everything nice I said about Smite”
  • “dude holy shit, I fucking tightened up from this, this is so sickening LMAO”
  • I don’t like the doge voice he frightens me
  • you don’t like the skin if you don’t i love the skin because its not serious like all her skins is
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  • “This video made me age 50 years. My joints are fucked. put me in a home.”
  • “smite what fucking year do you think it is, god damn”
  • “this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in a game”

While the poster of the last comment in that list has serious issues, the next-to-last commenter raises a good question. The Doge meme, being referenced here, began in late 2013 and was old several months before that. It is now early 2017, suggesting Hi-Rez’s sense of humor is roughly three or four years in the past.


Now watch this video, posted to Smite’s YouTube in early 2015.

Yes, that’s a “parody” of the “Jack Sparrow” song from Lonely Island, released in May of 2011. Again, between three or four years behind. Look for their Trump Odin skin, coming in 2020.

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My head hurts.

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FYI they’re timelier on the ’Merica thing.

Also FYI as a Smite player, I hate Such Cold-Skadi

And Kawaii Pop-Bastet

And Foxy-Amateratsu

There will be more before the game is done.