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The single player in the first Uncharted was compelling, good old fashioned story-telling. Before we shell out to buy the upcoming sequel, wouldn't it be lovely to check out Uncharted 2's single player?

Yes, yes it would. Too bad we won't be doing that. The game is getting a multiplayer demo on September 15, but it will not be getting one for single player.


"It's always tough to do a single-player demo," says the game's creative director Amy Hennig. "You can always argue whether it benefits you or not in the long run, because so much of it depends on you understanding where you are in the narrative, and then appreciating what's going on in the single-player demo."

"Not to mention that it's a 12-15 hour experience and you have to somehow collapse that into 15 minutes," says Evan Wells, co-president of the game's developer. "I mean, we have something like hundreds of moves to train you over several hours, and if you just drop somebody into the fire..."

Instead, folks are going to be dropped in multiplayer.

Take heart single player players! The game's developer Naughty Dog confirmed that the single player is "significantly longer" than in the first game with 90 minutes of cinematics compared to the first game's 50 minutes.


"It's literally a feature-length film," says Hennig, "with fully-fleshed out multiplayer and co-op experiences."

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