No "Sexy", "Passion" or "Temptation" For You, China!

In China, World of Warcraft and censorship aren't strangers. Things like blood and skeletons were edited for The People's Republic, and the release of expansion Wrath of the Lich King was held up due to content Chinese authorities found objectionable.


But it isn't only skeletons and blood that are being nixed. The Rise of the Lich King, released in China late last month, also bans certain words. According to website China Game 178, the game has a filter that blocks players from using the Chinese equivalents of the words "sexy", "passion" and "temptation" in chat. Is the Chinese word for "lame" okay to use?

China's WotLK Adds Word Filter, No ‘Sexy' and ‘Passion' While Playing — [chinagame.178]

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