The PlayStation Network's outage impacts more than PSN games and online play, it also holds up DLC. Capcom was planning to release a Super Street Fighter IV "Ultra Complete" costume pack today, but that's not happening, obviously! The pack is delayed. [via Capcom]


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Oh, for god's sake. How more many sensationalist 'articles' on the PSN outage do we need? I think all of the PSN users know very well that they can't access any online features including DLCs. Really now, there's no need to relentlessly rub it in our faces all the time. Articles like these serves no other predominant purpose than to egg on anger and frustration.

I'm quite sure that when the PSN outage reaches a week long, there'll be an inevitable article on how the 'PSN is still out— for SEVEN days now! PSN users still can't play online games, download PSN games and access DLCs!'