No One Told El Universal Gears 3 Was an Xbox 360 Exclusive

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One of Mexico's largest newspapers apparently turns to Google image search for its graphics as much as the next guy, as evidenced by this lovely picture of Gears of War 3 for the PlayStation 3 found inside today's issue.

I suppose some editor somewhere wanted to keep things PlayStation 3 centric at the top of the page and searched for "Gears of War 3 PS3" in Google, coming up with the same image I did when I performed the same search. It's easy to imagine someone not familiar with the industry mistaking that bit of fan art for the real thing. It is quite an attractive cover, after all.

Then again, when the main article goes on to talk about how the game's graphics showcase the power of the Xbox 360, one has to wonder how this got missed. I make plenty of mistakes myself, but this is rather large and noticeable.


Hit up the link below for the full MundoGeek article in living color.

PDF Version of the Full Article [El Universal — Thanks, Angielo!]

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That might be real. I remember during an episode of Xplay. Cliffyb told Morgan Webb that the devs were testing Gears 3 on PS3. It's probably real and coming out in 2012. Anything is possible.