How To Avoid Spoilers For Everything Forever

I am a huge spoiler baby. For me, trailers are spoilers. Conversations about trailers are spoilers. Posters are spoilers. The cast list is spoilers. I hate watching anything spoiled. Also, I love the intellectual challenge of avoiding spoilers. In this video, I’ll divulge my fifteen best spoiler-avoiding secrets to you. And though it should go without saying, I’ll say it anyway: this video contains no spoilers for anything.

This post, however, contains one spoiler, and it’s about the video I made: the video gets pretty wild toward the end.


I realize that uploading a video onto the internet in which I boast about delaying my viewing of whatever the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War is called just so I can savor the challenge of avoiding spoilers for a week is going to result in a couple of jerks cramming my various inboxes with the tersest spoilers they can think of.

Of course, I explain a way around that, too. (In summary, it’s this: I’m taking the day off. I wrote this post a day in advance. My phone is in a shoebox in my hall closet. You’re talking to a ghost right now. Just presume I’m at the DMV reading a book.)


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Can’t tell what’s more annoying at this point. People complaining about spoilers or these blogs constantly bringing up and parodying people complaining about spoilers.

Its a spoiler inception.