No One Can Find Anything in Disney's Free Mobile Holiday Present

After months of dancing around each other on the mobile app charts, Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? team up for a very Where's My Holiday? special.


Having struck gold with the original crocodile-powered liquid physics puzzle game and it's Phineas and Ferb-themed spin-off, Disney wraps both mobile stars up in a free Christmas present for fans everywhere. The game's stars share the spotlight, splitting the game's 12 levels down the middle. It's available now on iTunes and Google Play.

Along with the Where's My Holiday? game, Disney as also released a free-to play reef building game for Apple and Android devices called Nemo's Reef, based on the hit animated film Finding Nemo, which was recently released on Blu-ray.


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Beat it in about ten minutes last night. Great as always from the Where's My... folks. Levels are a bit on the easy side, except the Swampy wreath puzzle which requires such precision that I'm imagine it would be nearly impossible on an iPhone - it took me five tries even on an iPad.