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No One Asked For This NFT Version Of ‘80s Hit ‘Pac-Man Fever'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Namco / Kotaku

Buckner & Garcia’s hit ‘80s song “Pac-Man Fever” was a wholesome, catchy tune, but nothing’s safe from the climate-wrecking tech scam known as NFTs. Now, because 2021 is trying to be as bad as 2020 I guess, Buckner decided to grace the world with a single called “NiFTy Fever.”

The new song is out now and can be freely streamed on YouTube. However, next week on April 22, five NFT versions of the song will be auctioned off via SongVest as the site’s first NFT offering. The auction will be live for seven days and if you win one of the NFTs for sale you’ll also get a custom gold record award with handwritten lyrics and a Zoom “meet and greet” with Buckner himself. So, at least you are actually getting something beyond a worthless, climate-destroying NFT. That’s nice. I guess.

“40 years after ‘Pac-Man Fever’ there’s another craze taking the world by storm,” said Buckner via a press release. “I’m excited to release ‘NiFTy Fever,’ a modern update on the hit.”

The lyrics to this new song are sad and sound like they were written by someone who has no idea what an NFT actually is but still wanted to cash in on the craze. Thinking about it more, I assume that’s a fairly accurate read of the whole situation.

I gotta wallet full of coins

so I’m headed to the blockchain.

I’m gonna check out all the markets

and maybe sell a few things I’ve made.

At one point in the song, he straight-up admits to not understanding or knowing what all this NFT stuff is about, singing: “I don’t know all about it, but I think I’ll take a little spin.” This is bad financial advice. You’d probably be better off investing in GameStop stocks than buying some random NFTs.

It’s blowing up so fast now,

so you can go ahead and count me in.

I wish I didn’t have to count you in on the NFT scam. But thanks for digging up the old bones of a great song and smashing them with a hammer for some extra change. Based on the fact that the new song has less than 300 views on YouTube as of this moment, I’m at least happy to report that this thing is probably going to be a flop. Just like NFTs!


Anyway, let’s all enjoy the original song and forget about the terrible future we’re trapped in.