No New Half-Life Coming In 2010, Says Game Informer

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The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a bit of potential bad news for Gordon Freeman fans, casting doubt on the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Three in 2010.


Specifically, Game Informer's rumor-centric Loose Talk column notes that there "won't be any game from the [Half-Life] franchise in 2010, and what will finally come out is still unknown," implying that the next entry in the series could be either Episode Three or Half-Life 3.

Valve is well past the estimated time of arrival for Episode Three, a blown date we didn't expect after the release of concept art for that episode in 2008.

The developer has plenty to focus on in 2010 with Left 4 Dead 2 (and Left 4 Dead) downloadable content en route, as well as at least one more Team Fortress 2 update. And if Valve really is creating a character that speaks with sign language, those claims of the next Half-Life being an "ambitious product" sound legit.

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How long can it take to make a 4 hour episode with an almost 6 year old engine they built by themselves?

Half Life 2: Episode 3 is turning out to be a joke. And a bad one at that.