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The upcoming No Man’s Sky update, The Abyss, is all about what lurks under the sea.


No Man’s Sky’s last named update, Next, completely revitalized the game, not only overhauling the visuals, but changing fundamental systems and adding the long awaited multiplayer. The Abyss isn’t quite as huge, but adding undersea missions and vehicles will hopefully add depth (ahem) to the bodies of water in the game, which aren’t nearly as robust as the land.

“We wanted to focus on improving underwater, and also on some of the eerier elements of the game for Halloween,” Sean Murray, co-founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, said in a press release today. “Oceans were always vast in size in No Man’s Sky, but are now a huge, deep part of our gameplay.”

The Abyss will make some changes to underwater flora and fauna, making underwater creatures “more frequent, and more interesting.” It also introduces new underwater missions, sunken wrecks, new building modules for underwater buildings, and a submarine.


I’ve largely ignored oceans in my time with No Man’s Sky, so this update sounds pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see what kind of fucked up fish are waiting for me in the deep.

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