Screenshot: Unr3algamer

No Man’s Sky’s massive updates have changed a lot of the game since launch, including planet generation. Somewhere along the way, some bright colors of grass were lost—especially pink grass. Players seem to have noticed their absence sometime after NEXT, last year’s update. It wasn’t that pink grass planets stopped existing entirely, but they were much rarer than they used to be. With the Beyond update, bright pink grass has apparently returned at a much higher frequency, and players couldn’t be happier.

It is gorgeous:

Screenshot: Swank5000

Players have been sharing excited reactions about the return of pink grass. Two separate posts about pink grass broke over a thousand upvotes on the No Man’s Sky subreddit. A few other players have posted their colorful screenshots. I love this one, which is a pink planet as viewed from space.

Screenshot: ColonelDiddles

I’ve never had the fortune of living on a pink-grassed planet, though the moon where I make my home has bright teal grass. Maybe with Beyond, I can finally find the fabled pink grass and make myself a little vacation home.

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