No Man's Sky Players Are Finding Cool New Biomes In Latest Update

Atlas Rising, the latest No Man’s Sky patch, promised players “increased biome variety and rare exotic biomes.” Over the weekend, intrepid space adventurers have started to get a taste of what these strange new lands look like in action.

The GIF above comes from TheMya47, who discovered what appears to be a synthetic planet. It is the sort of place that looks odd from space, before you even land on it:

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Watch TheMya47 explore this locale below, starting around the 2:10 mark:

Another player, TheCongzilla, recorded what fans are now calling a “bubble planet.” Unfortunately, bubbles do not seem to pop when the player walks through them.

Bubble planets look a little different during night time, as you can see in this footage by Sony Pony:

Kinda eerie, huh? Note, too, that the ground is full of dense metal orbs. Weird.

Redditor dinkleberriez found a planet with these floating contraptions. Apparently, nothing happens if you try shooting them down.

YouTuber LegitN00bM00ves stumbled upon a biome that I don’t even know how to describe. Is that some kind of crystal coral? Some of it kinda looks like giant jacks. And again, like all the other footage, you’ll note that the planet seems largely devoid of life.

Mac Foraday ventured into what he says the game calls an exotic “Forbidden Planet.” In it, he was surprised to find huge floating crystals:

Given the immense number of planets in the game, it’s possible there are more rare biomes that nobody has discovered yet. And since this No Man’s Sky patch is gathering enough hype to launch the game back onto the Steam top sellers list, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we see more bewildering biomes.

Illustration for article titled iNo Mans Sky /iPlayers Are Finding Cool New Biomes In Latest Update

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The new update is incredible. I actually liked the game enough as just a simple exploration game right after release, but they’ve really brought it up to its full potential more or less. (If they could add slightly better MP to where you can actually join up with a friend or three and explore together, it would be the perfect space game.) I played the new update for ten hours over the weekend, and discovered a new story-line. It sucked me right in, and now I’m hooked. Can’t wait to get back into it. Some of the new areas, (biomes) story-elements, etc. are great. There is also much more interaction (and more meaningful) with the different races too. Quite happy with this update!