No Man's Sky Player Recreates The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s this? While exploring the endless universe of No Man’s Sky, Redditor Reefguy007 and a friend came across the perfect planet for Halloween. All it took was a little creative terraforming to transform it into The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It’s all about those bizarre pumpkin-ish plants, isn’t it? Reefguy007 discovered and reported on the globular flora eight days ago. Even in broad daylight under relatively cloudless skies, the things look menacing.


As explained in the comments of their Reddit post, Reefguy007 and their friend, inspired by the Burton-esque vibe, decided to recreate a scene from the iconic stop-motion classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. After finding a spot where the solar system’s ringed planet was in view along with abundant pumpkin plants, the pair used the terraforming tool to create the twisting spire. The friend dressed as close of Jack the Pumpkin King as No Man’s Sky allows, and Reefguy007 grabbed the shot.

Ah, yes. Exactly what the empty space in my bones was calling out for. Good show.

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