Image: Berduu

Got some stuff you want to fix/mess around with in the PC version of No Man’s Sky? Mods for the game are now out, letting you adjust everything from the game’s visuals to your suit’s audio files.

Here are some of the best ones released so far on Video Game Mods. Note that there aren’t polished custom installers for these yet (you can try a rough one here though); you’ll need to be manually dropping in (and in some cases editing) files yourself to get most of them working.

Got it? OK let’s roll.


Oh God thank you. This gets rid of the cursor’s need to have you hold it down just to select menu options. Now it’s just a click and you’re done.

Just be careful with it; while it was stupid having to wait for basic options clicks, it’s now a lot easier to sell important stuff you didn’t mean to sell.


For some people, like myself, despite telling the game to render at a certain resolution, it goes and does something else. This will help you get around that by letting you manually scale the game’s resolution.


It’s tricky to get working though, so be warned before messing around with your files. And if you still want to mess? Use this.


Does as advertised. Gets rid of the HUD with a single press of a button. Useful if you want to be a little more immersed. Very useful if you want to take some pretty screenshots without having to go into the menu.


If you want to just screw around with the game without worrying about cash, health or materials, here’s a trainer where you can just add all that stuff for free.


“Life Support Systems Low”.

75% is not low. It’s not even close.

This mod will silence that (and other similar) audio warnings the game gives you.


I kinda like them, but the game’s use of visual effects isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather the lighting be a little more natural, this will get rid of things like chromatic aberration and artificial scan lines.


This replaces the endless “Units received” “Units received” “Units received” with Rick Sanchez’s “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”. Will probably get just as annoying eventually, but hey, at least its thematically correct with the game’s setting.