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No Man's Sky Free Halloween Update Adds Giant Spooky Sandworms

Emergence will be the fourth seasonal Expedition in the game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Traveler confronting a sand worm.
Screenshot: Hello Games

As if space exploration wasn’t already inherently a little spooky, No Man’s Sky is adding a Halloween update to the game today. “Emergence” is a story-driven campaign where players will have to fight mutant sand worms and uncover the secrets of a dark cult. This story event accompanies various quality-of-life updates.

Last year’s No Man’s Sky Halloween campaign was a much more modest affair, where players could explore pre-existing space and exchange drops for Halloween cosmetics. This year, the developers are making things much more elaborate, integrating the seasonal content with their new Expeditions mode (which launched in March of this year). Expeditions are a co-op mode with guided mission goals, and are meant to be completed as a community. Emergence is the fourth Expedition released so far.

Emergence is the first fully narrative Expedition in No Man’s Sky. The update will strand players on the dusty world of Wasan, where they will be trying to clear the area of Titan Worms. While you’re destroying nests and gathering the Vile Spawn that the worms leave behind, you’ll uncover a shadowy Vy’keen conspiracy to awaken a dark beast.


There are special rewards for the Travellers who manage to complete the main Expedition campaign. These include a sand worm helmet, a rideable sandworm companion that you can feed and raise, spooky decor, a worm-themed fireworks launcher, and a jetpack effect that sprays tiny, gooey worms.

Just in case you thought that these terrifying worms didn’t have enough jaws, the developers are adding more Titan Worm varieties to the base game. The update also improves the visual effects of meteors, muzzle flashes, explosions, burrowing fauna dust, billowing smoke and laser impacts. Hello Games just can’t stop tweaking things for the better.


No Man’s Sky recently hit a ‘mostly positive’ rating on Steam thanks to its constant influx of universe-expanding free updates. Hopefully, this means that we’ll continue to see more seasonal updates in the future.