No Man's Sky Beyond Is Coming In Two Weeks

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Interlopers, rejoice. No Man’s Sky Beyond is coming on August 14.

No Man’s Sky fans have been anticipating the latest in a string of massive, free updates, titled Beyond since it was announced in March. Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray said at the time that the update would be “three major updates rolled into one larger free release.”

Though we know that one of these updates is going to be No Man’s Sky Online, a new approach to multiplayer, and the second is VR support, the third remains a mystery. The enigmatic new trailer is probably not going to answer many questions.

If there’s one thing the No Man’s Sky community is good at, it’s working themselves into a frenzy. Though it’s nice to know when we’ll get our hands on Beyond, it appears that you’ll have to wait a little longer to know what the update will feature.

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Sweet, I get the best NMS update yet for my 31st birthday :)