Mark Avila may not be able to play Pokemon X & Y until later this week, but that hasn't stopped him from drawing a bunch of kickass art of the new Pokemon in the meantime. It's so excellent, you could almost mistake it for the official art.

Like the recently-revealed Mega Charizard X, pictured above. Man, seeing him drawn like this...I'm not sure Mega Charizard Y stacks up!

Avila has also drawn up some of the other Mega Pokemon, check it out:

Mega Mewtwo Y

Mega Blaziken

Mega Lucario and Mega Mawile

Mega Blastoise

Megas aren't the only ones given this treatment, though. We've also got the two fossil Pokemon..



And the new legendaries...



Oh, and we've even got one of the new starters!


Excellent stuff. You can check out more of Avila's work—including a ton of other non-Pokemon X & Y fan art.