Forget pretending! Especially when you can throw kamehamehas against a giant screen with nifty graphics and sound effects.

Starting this week in Shibuya, there's a Dragon Ball Xenoverse promo in Tokyo. So, yes, this is part of the game's promotion—but, it's rather cool.

As 4Gamer notes, before you participate in the event, there's a machine that measures your fighting strength.


[Photos: 4Gamer]

And then, when you step on the stage, it seems, your kamehameha will correspond to your strength.


[Photo: 4Gamer]

[Photo: Jasmine_HIMECO]


[Photo: wwd_jp]

[Photo: bngi876]


[Photo: Famitsu]

[GIF: 撃とうぜ!]


[Photo: Masao]

[Photo: MagicalTrump]


[Photo: hosaka_nico]

The kamehameha demo runs from 11am to 7pm and will wrap up on February 8. While the event is bound to be popular, I doubt the total number of visitors will be over nine thousand.

Top GIF: 撃とうぜ!

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