No Half-Life 3 At This Year's E3

No new Portal or Left 4 Dead announcements either. Valve is attending the annual games conference, but won't be showing any new games, the company confirmed today. [Valvetime, via Joystiq]

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Koda Kazar

What the fuck?! But didn't Gabe say that they would be showing off something related to the number 3 at this year's E3, thus hinting at them showing a game with 3 somewhere in the title?

Dammit, man, Valve is one of the most frustrating studios to be a fan of. Yes the payoff is always fucking awesome, but we have to go through their little game of, "Oh we're doing such and such at this date." *date rolls around* "Oh, sorry, we meant at THIS date right here!" Rinse and repeat until they finally get around to doing what they said they were going to be doing.

But, like I said, the payoff is oh so worth it.