A Short Film About RPG Characters Who Actually Tell The Truth

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Saving Throw's short shows an adventuring party of four, trying get by in real life while following RPG rules.


Swapping gear with party members or getting away with a stupid name suddenly become the biggest problems.

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The Palmtop Tiger

Hey guys, I'm reading up on the D&D 5th edition rules in preparation for my first session. Any tips? I've already got my character pretty much created, and I read hours of D&D lore in order to create (what I believe to be) a believable backstory. The character sheet found in the 5e basic rules is really nice and organized , so I'm using that to fill in all of my info. On game day I'll be bringing a notepad of regular lined paper and some graph paper. Can I draw maps or do I need to have some sort of skill to do that? I'd really like to draw a map as we go along our adventure.

Unfortunately, everyone else in my group is also playing D&D for the first time, including the DM, so I have a sinking feeling that our first few sessions are going to be a shit show. Half of the players haven't even created their characters yet, so I suspect that there'll be next to no roleplaying because their characters are going to end up being the emotionless premade ones.