Cat Mario, meet Mario cat. Redditor Collinferal had a friend with a bored cat. With $140 in materials and his carpentry skills, he made her a magnificent Mario-themed toy that will keep said cat occupied for minutes.

As the owner of two cats, I am constantly looking for ways to keep my feline friends from ruining all the things in our home with their claws and vomit. This generally involves buying an elaborate scratching/play device that will, at best, keep them occupied for 30 minutes before their kitty instincts kick in and they run off to destroy other things. Collinferal's creation is a lovely alternative to the boring, beige distractions I usually buy.


It's got climbing-friendly sissan twine-lined pipes. It's got scratch-friendly carpeting. It's got a door, in case you want to make sure your cat is still alive inside it. Best of all, you can mount it high on a wall so the cat has to jump on something else to reach it, and then you can take that something else away.

There are really only two reasons to own a cat. One is companionship, which hardly ever works out the way we planned it. The other is taking cute photos to share on the internet. This Nintendo-themed cat climber gets the job done.


Check out Collinferal's Imgur album to see how this cat playground came to life.

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