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No Big Deal, Just Some Ninja Turtles Made Out Of Twist-Ties

Illustration for article titled No Big Deal, Just Some Ninja Turtles Made Out Of Twist-Ties

Not only do they strike hard and fade into the night, these particular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be a great help with keeping loaves of bread fresh.


This fantastic twist-tie sculpture comes to us from Deviantartist JustJake54, and has got me reflecting on the many uses I've found for twist-ties over the years. The most practical, I think, was when I kept my guitar pedalboard closed with a couple of twist-ties for... man, for a year at least; the plastic fastener had broken, so I threaded twist-ties through the eyelets and they totally kept it closed. (PSA: Don't ever buy guitar equipment with plastic fasteners.)

Everyone doing well? Having a good week so far? Talk twist-ties, guitars, Ninja Turtles, or anything else, here or over at TAY. Have good chatting, see you tomorrow.


(Via Geekologie)

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I used to make these when I was a kid. I would steal pipe cleaners and made the Justice League like this...Wonder Woman never came out quite right ever, and Aquaman was the easiest to fix and replace...They don't last very long if you keep bending em though...poor Hawk never got his wings back. This brings back memories.