Nippon Ichi Software Launches Teaser That Looks Like Minecraft

[Image: NIS]
[Image: NIS]

There’s no title for this, but the teaser clip certainly does look rather Minecraft-esque, no?


The teaser’s site URL ends with “hakoniwa,” which means “box garden” in English. Perhaps Hako Niwa is the title of this building block game?

No word yet on the platform. Or platforms. The site’s URL also has the word “consumer,” which in Japanese video game lingo refers to home or portable hardware and not mobile.

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I was thinking it looked more like 3D Dot Heroes than Minecraft at first glance and kind of got my hopes up until I realized this is NIS and not Atlus. So it’s not a new 3D Dot Heroes. :(

It looks interesting though, could be a Tactics game where you can completely destroy the environment with over the top moves.