Nintendo's Verbally Abusive Wave Race Easter Egg Finally Unearthed

Nearly nine years after the game's release on Nintendo's GameCube, an Easter Egg that unlocks a verbally abusive asshole mode in Wave Race: Blue Storm has been discovered.


The code, publicized by NeoGAF forum-goer RaoulDuke, changes the normally enthusiastic and informative pit crew voices heard in the jet skiing game into that of a total prick's. Instead of delivering helpful messages, the jerkier pit crew voice will call you "pathetic," delivering deadpan insults like "You don't have an inferiority complex. You're just inferior." or sarcastically coo "Oooh, a turbo!" when you gain a power up.

Some other choice barbs include "You must have a sixth sense, because there's no sign of the other five." and "Your wins are like diamonds—very rare." Seriously, the guy's a total dick.


Here's how it's done. Fire up your GameCube (or Wii, presumably) and suffer some emotional abuse for yourself.

  • Go to Options and Audio Settings.
  • There's a waveform display at the bottom that changes if you press the Z Button-tap Z until the waveform looks like vertically rising fog.
  • On the D-Pad, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, X, Z. You'll hear an audio cue if you did it right.
  • Back out to the front end.
  • Start a race. Pick the first guy.
  • The pit crew voice will now be some dude who basically insults you the entire time. Also, the turbo becomes a little girl's voice saying "meow meow"

New code discovered for... Wave Race gamecube? [NeoGAF via Game Life]

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How do people figure this out? I always wonder what brings a person to search for something years later if they aren't sure how to find it