Nintendo's Switch Presentation Begins At 11pm Eastern On January 12 [Update]

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Nintendo previously announced it’s holding an online Switch presentation next January. Now we have an exact time: The online event will kick off on January 12 at 8pm Pacific and 11pm Eastern.

December 13 - 7:48am Update: We already knew the date! But now we know the precise time.

In Japan, the presentation will be on January 13 from 1pm local time.


Back in October, the company stated it would announce “major details” at this January presentation, including the price, the launch date, and the games in development.

Recently, the Nintendo Switch was shown off on the Tonight Show, running the upcoming Zelda title Breath of the Wild.

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Did no-one inform Nintendo that I would be in Nepal with limited internet connectivity on that day? Who do I have to blame for such a gross oversight?