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Nintendo's Online Expansion Pack Trailer Is Now Its Most Disliked Video On YouTube

The trailer, which features N64 games, has racked up over 100k dislikes in just about two weeks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Image: Kotaku

Well, it seems a lot of people don’t like Nintendo’s new Switch Online Expansion Pack based on the reveal trailer’s likes and dislikes. The video, which revealed the pricing details for the plan, now has 104k dislikes on YouTube, overtaking the previously most hated video on Nintendo’s channel: A trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

NSO’s Expansion Pack costs $50 a year, more than double what the basic Nintendo Switch Online plan costs. That extra money gets you access to an Animal Crossing expansion (which can and should be bought separately) and 23 N64 and Sega Genesis games. It’s not a great deal and making matters worse, the emulation quality of these games ain’t great, with many complaining that the older games run poorly, lack proper control remapping, and feature numerous visual and gameplay bugs and glitches. It’s just a big, over-priced mess.

It appears that many others are too keen on the Expansion Pack plan, its high price, and its paltry selection of classic games. As spotted by VGC, the trailer announcing all of these details, which was uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube channel on October 15, has quickly racked up over 100k dislikes. In comparison, it only has 17k likes.


If you check out some other uploads for it, the numbers are smaller, but the dislikes are still winning. The Nintendo UK upload, for example, has 1k likes but nearly 6k dislikes.

The previously most hated video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel was an E3 trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force. That currently has 96k dislikes. But that was uploaded in 2015. The Expansion Pack overview trailer has only been live for 16 days and has already earned more dislikes in that short amount of time.


While I highly doubt Nintendo will change anything based on some dislikes on YouTube, it’s still notable that so many people seem to be fed up with the Expansion Pack’s price and quality. Even if GoldenEye is added in the near future, I’m not sure that’s going to convince more people to fork over $50 a year.