Last week, Nintendo’s new Mii-based role-playing game Miitopia was revealed. Today, we got a better look at what to expect. It looks wild and like a lot of fun.

The best way to describe Miitopia is Tomodachi Life meets JRPGs.

Nintendo revealed more details in its Miitopia Direct, which was different from other Nintendo Directs. The clip was more of a live-action drama set in the workplace. You can watch it at the bottom of this article, but first, here are some highlights.

Like Tomodachi Life, you play with other Miis.

You can select each Mii’s jobs that are typical in role-playing games, such as Mage or Knight.

But there are other untraditional jobs, such Idol.




And Tank.

You can also select the character’s personality types (like energetic, stubborn, kind, laid back), adding an entirely new level of play into the traditional JRPG formula.

Since each character has a personality type, they might do stuff like hide so they don’t get attacked (and you, instead, do get attacked).

What’s the story in Miitopia?

When going around town, you discover that the folks have had their faces stolen!

By this baddie.

So, the point is go battle enemies so that Miis get their faces back.

The game keeps track of how many people you help.

When not in the field, you go to an inn and can hang out in the other Mii’s rooms.

Interaction can improve your relationship.

But if you spend time with other Miis, it can make them jealous.

Some Miis might lie and say they want to go buy a new sword, but when you give them money, they actually go by a banana.

Like this jerk.

And if your relationship with other Miis goes sour, you might end up fighting and bickering with each other during combat!

You want to have everyone get along, so you can have the best teamwork to win.

Miitopia seems like an interesting spin on tried and true formulas.

You can watch the full Miitopia Direct below.

Miitopia will be out December 8 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. No word yet on a Western release.

This article was originally published on November 6.

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