Looks like somebody at Nintendo HQ has been looking at the way Halo is marketed and thought, yes, that'll work for Metroid, too.


Hence we have this live-action Metroid commercial for upcoming Metroid: Other M, heavy on moody music and even heavier on the moody slow-motion. It's unusually striking for a contemporary Nintendo ad, and surprisingly enjoyable, perhaps the only thing wrong with it being why they felt the need to have Samus walking around in her Zero Suit nearly the whole time.


I mean, I know she's an attractive lady, but...she's also a badass, known more for her badassery than her...assery. Having her parade around in a lycra suit, hips swaying, it's a little...unnecessary. Having her in the clunking orange robot suit - or at least something a little more reserved - for the entirety would surely have been more appropriate, no?

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