Nintendo's Latest Plan To Explain The Wii U: Jokes!

Nintendo's latest stab at improving the messaging around the Wii U involves jokes. Everyone likes jokes!


Here we see a new Nintendo UK ad featuring British comedian Rufus Hound. Nintendo seems to have seen Sony's pitchman Kevin Butler and thought, "You know what, we need someone like that!"

The results are mixed, though it's good to see them running ads that directly explain what the Wii U is and what makes it interesting. Less good: That Hound begins with a joke about how really, good games don't need the Wii U gamepad in the first place.


Nope, fail.

  • It says the Wii U game pad is the only thing that's cool/new/improved. It completely ignores the console. But of course, you'd be hard pressed to make the console seem impressive, because it's not. It can play current gen games, if there were Wii U versions of them, and it will be able to play great Nintendo games of the near-future, but obviously you can't show them because they don't exist yet.
  • It says the controller solves interface problems like menus, and menus. It does a good job demonstrating how bad many console UIs can be, but it never actually shows the Wii U controller's supposedly better way of handling them.
  • And for the coup de grace, it says that if some jerk wants to use the TV for TV, then you can play your game on the controller. So, basically, the one advantage they clearly demonstrated is something that is already done, and better, by a competing Nintendo product (the DS/3DS).

You sell consoles with games. The rest is mostly just fluff and PR bullshit.