Nintendo may have been around during the Second World War, but it wasn't making video games. If it was, though, maybe some of its most beloved characters would have looked a little...different.

A bunch of artists (two of them, Gavin Goulden and Jorge Lacera, from Irrational Games in Boston) are currently running a little showdown, portraying three of Nintendo's more recognisable characters as combatants in World War Two.


Ganon, yeah, he's a Nazi war machine. Star Fox is the world's shortest barrell-rolling kamikaze pilot and Metroid's Samus looks like a two-legged P-51 Mustang.

Lacera says there are more to come...I hope so! Would love to see Captain Falcon as a B-17 pilot. Or Birdo as an Able Seaman...

What if Samus Aran fought in WW2? [Jorge Lacera]
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thanks John!